# async static getLocation(id) → {Promise:.<Location:>}

Get a location by it's id
Name Type Description
id string Id of the location
Example'5666f75bc1843a08b81bef72').then(location => { ... });

# async static getLocations(argsopt) → {Promise:.<Array:.<Location:>>}

Search for locations.
Name Type Attributes Default Description
args Object <optional>
The query parameters
q string <optional>
Use a text query to search for one or more locations.
fields string <optional>
Fields to search in when using the search string parameter 'q'. Empty/default: "name,description,aliases,categories"
types Array:.<string:> <optional>
Filter by types in a comma separated list e.g. office,kitchen,etc. A location only has one type.
categories Array:.<string:> <optional>
Filter by categories in a comma separated list e.g. meeting_room,office,etc. A location can be in multiple categories.
bbox Object <optional>
Limits the result to inside the boundingbox. `{east: number, north: number, south: number, west: number}`
bbox.east number Max longitude of the bounds in degrees.
bbox.north number Max latitude of the bounds in degrees.
bbox.south number Min latitude of the bounds in degrees.
bbox.west number Min longitude of the bounds in degrees.
take number <optional>
Max number of locations to get
skip number <optional>
Skip the first number of entries
near LatLngLiteral | string <optional>
Can either be a coordinate `{lat: number, lng: number}` or a string in the format "type:id" e.g. "venue:586ca9f1bc1f5702406442b6"
radius number <optional>
A radius in meters. When using near with a point a radius must be supplied to limit the search to within that radius from the point.
includeOutsidePOI boolean <optional>
false When set to true all POIs that are outside buildings will be included in the result regartles of floor level specifiend in the path.
orderBy string <optional>
Which property the result should be sorted by.
sortOrder string <optional>
ASC Specifies in which order the results is sorted either "ASC" or "DESC"
lr string <optional>
The lr parameter is deprecated. Instead, use the static function setLanguage on the MapsIndoors class. See the documentation: for more information.
building string <optional>
Limit the search for locations to a building
venue string <optional>
Limit the search for locations to a venue (id or name)
floor string <optional>
Filter locations to a floor
- Retuns an array of locations.
Example{q: 'S102'}).then(locations => { ... });

# async static getLocationsByExternalId(externalId) → {Promise:.<Array:.<Location:>>}

Get locations by externalId
Name Type Description
externalId string | Array:.<string:> externalId of the location
Example'1.01.17').then(locations => { ... });


# update_completed

This event will fire when MapsIndoors data has been synchronized from the backend.
Example'update_completed', () => {...})