# async directionsToPhone(venueId, originLocationId, destinationLocationId, countryCode, phoneNumber) → {Promise}

Send a text message to a phone containing a link to the web page with directions from one location to another within a venue. It is a paid add-on, so contact your MapsIndoors sales representative for more information.
Name Type Description
venueId string The id of the venue
originLocationId string Id of the location to start directions from.
destinationLocationId string Id of the destination location.
countryCode string Country code of phone number to send text message to, eg. "+45".
phoneNumber string Phone number to send text message to, eg. "12345678".
Success of request, resolves or rejects.
Example'586ca9f0bc1f5702406442b5', '586ce40fbc1f571794b9e83d', '586ce411bc1f571794b9e858', '+45', '12345678')
  .then(() => { ...everything ok... })
  .catch((errorMessage) => { ...handle error here... })